In Harrisburg I will represent our communities and work for:

21st Century Public Schools 

  • Don’t let Harrisburg deny our kids a future
  • Safe, equitable, rigorous and fully funded public education
  • Recruit, train, and deploy a diverse pool of teachers 

Real Tax Reform

  • Property tax relief
  • Stop tax breaks for big businesses and land developers 
  • Deliver actual tax relief to seniors
  • Go after internet giants like Amazon that don’t pay local taxes
  • Close the Delaware loophole that allows large corporations in Pennsylvania to avoid paying corporate net income taxes on profits earned in Pennsylvania

Help small business

  • Grow the tax base by recruiting and supporting LOCAL business with funding, grants, and zoning 
  • Promote a fair playing field with taxation of internet companies

Civil Rights

  • No matter where you are born, who you love, the God you pray to or if you pray at all your rights must be protected
  • Protect voting rights and fight voter suppression efforts
  • Promote civil liberties for all Pennsylvanians
  • Combating the spread of hate groups by strengthening government response, protecting our houses of worship and immigrant communities

Good Government

  • Early voting, automatic registration, vote by mail, and the mailing of voting reminders
  • Restore voting rights for incarcerated citizens convicted of non-voting-related crimes
  • Reform the redistricting process with an independent citizens commission and a transparent process
  • Establish a co-sponsor threshold for legislation that would trigger a guaranteed floor vote
  • Subsidies for public media to hold government accountable and guarantee transparency
  • Reform campaign finance laws


  • Healthcare is a right not a privilege
  • Affordable, physical and mental health care for every Pennsylvanian
  • Tackle disparities in healthcare delivery

Women’s Rights

  • Protect reproductive freedom
  • Ensure wage equality
  • Support universal Pre-K and full day Kindergarten across the state
  • Strengthen anti-harassment laws and eliminate the use of NDAs to protect predators

Living Wage

  • Pennsylvanians should not work for lower wages than surrounding states 
  • If you work for a living, you should make a living wage 
  • $15 minimum wage
  • Extend benefits to and expand benefits for full and part-time workers

Our Environment

  • Empower our local organizers and elected officials in advancing sustainable practices including fighting for grants and infrastructure financing programs. 
  • Strengthen state oversight by increasing funding and staffing of the Department of Environmental Protection inspectors and watchdogs. Increase fines on polluters. I will call for a moratorium on industry practices that are meaningfully detrimental to our air, water or soil.
  • Invest in new technology, green businesses, research and the education of tomorrow’s environmental scientists. Provide the care and justice needed by those that are negatively impacted by our environmental decisions.

LGBTQ Equality

  • Eliminate discrimination in housing, employment and medical services
  • Protecting LGBTQ youth in our schools
  • Ensure economic justice and helping LGBTQ businesses thrive
  • Preserve marriage equality and equal access to government services
  • Expand the definition of a hate crime in PA to include the targeting of individuals based on sexual orientation, gender or gender identity

Criminal Justice Reform

  • A justice system that ensures the safety, security, and dignity of all citizens, be they free or incarcerated
  • Promote trauma-informed community policing with innovative research-based solutions
  • Dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline 
  • Implement restorative justice, alternative sentencing, the elimination of cash bail, and reduce disproportionate minority contact


  • Increase state support for roads, SEPTA, traffic safety, and storm water and waste water systems
  • Our elderly, those living with disabilities, and children must be able to safely cross the street 

Common Sense Gun Legislation

  • Background checks for all sales, ban automatic weapons, restrict 3D printed guns
  • Restore local rights and hold the NRA accountable 

Strengthen Hate Crime Laws

  • Pass the Hate Crimes Legislation Package (HB2013, HB2012, HB2010, HB2011)
  • Create systems that allow victims and witnesses to have a straight-forward and language-accessible way to report incidents and one in which victims are supported
  • Fund these initiatives so law enforcement has the resources they need to identify and investigate crimes committed by those that espouse hateful extremist views against ethnic, religious, immigrant, sexual orientation, and gender identity groups as well as those living with disability
  • Fund security measures to protect houses of worship and community centers to make them safe places to worship and gather