Voter Information

Election day is June 2nd

Information updated 6/2/2020 5:14 am

Important links for Voters

  • If you have issues with voting, if you received the wrong mail-in/absentee ballot or if you never received your ballot call PADems Voter Protection and provide details 1-833-PAVOTES and continue reading below for further information.
  • If you plan to vote in person on June 2nd - Polling Places have changed:

  • For voters using Mail-In or Absentee ballots
    • If you DID NOT receive your mail in or absentee ballot - see below for detailed instructions on what to do.
    • If you receive your ballot on or before June 2nd - drop it off IN PERSON at multiple locations. Only the voter can drop off his/her ballot - you cannot deliver on behalf of another person with exceptions for those with disabilities who can use the help of an authorized person.
      • Elkins Park - Wall Park, 600 Church Road, Elkins Park
        • Tuesday Election Day 9am-8pm
      • Willow Grove - Montgomery County’s Willow Grove offices 102 York Road
        • Election Day 9am-8pm
      • Norristown - lobby of One Montgomery Plaza 425 Swede Street
        • Election Day 7am-8pm
      • Lansdale - Montgomery County’s Lansdale offices 421 West Main Street 
        • Election Day 9am-8pm
      • Pottstown - Montgomery County Community College’s west campus South Hall 101 College Drive
        • Election Day 9am-8pm
      • Green Lane - Green Lane Park at 2144 Snyder Road
        • Election Day 9am-8pm
  • If you have NOT received your ballot or if you received a ballot for the WRONG party or precinct, take these steps:
    • Call PADems Voter Protection and provide details 1-833-PAVOTES
    • Report to Voter Services here - you will receive instructions from them on what to do
    • Voter Services is sending information to those who received ballots for the wrong precinct or party:
      • The Office of Voter Services at 425 Swede Street in Norristown, PA is open Monday the 1st from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Tuesday the 2nd from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. We will have County personnel available on all of those dates to assist anyone who has the ability to come into our office and pick up the correct ballot. You will be able to immediately vote that ballot and deposit it in the drop box in our lobby where it will be collected and counted for the election. There is free parking available at our Airy Street parking lot on the corner of Airy and Dekalb Streets in Norristown. The Voter Services office is located in the office building directly across Swede Street from the courthouse. 
      • Another option is going to your polling place on Election Day and casting your ballot in person. Although we understand you did not originally intend to vote in person this election, it is still an option available to you.
    • Plan to vote IN PERSON and request a provisional ballot if you do not receive your ballot by June 2nd
  • Track the status of your mail-in/absentee application or ballot after you send it in
  • If you have questions or concerns please call the hotline 1-833-PAVOTES
  • If you need to reach Montgomery County Voter Services, please call 610-278-3280

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