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Endorsed by The Collective PAC

The Collective PAC"The Collective PAC is proud to support Napoleon Nelson for the Pennsylvania House of Representative in the 154th District. Napoleon has exemplified great leadership and his commitment to improving education, expanding financial literacy and advocating to improve the livelihood of all, shows his dedication to public service. We have the utmost confidence that he will positively impact the lives of all Pennsylvanians while being a strong voice for black and brown communities throughout the State"  said Chris Scott, Director of Campaigns - The Collective PAC.

The Collective PAC is the largest political action committee dedicated to transforming communities by building Black political power. The Collective PAC seeks to identify and support the next wave of progressive and unapologetic black candidates at the national, state, and local level who will usher in a sea of change in our politics while helping America fulfill its promise of democracy.

“I am humbled and honored to receive the endorsement of The Collective PAC and their recognition of what our campaign has accomplished thus far. From the beginning of our campaign, I have been inspired by the dedication of our volunteers who worked tirelessly through the primary. Yet it has been the stories of our community's hardship and loss, and our shared dreams of a more just and equitable Pennsylvania that drive me each day. This November, we have the clear and critical task facing us of fixing our state and federal government and I know that the support from The Collective PAC will help us be successful.”  

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Congresswoman Madeleine Dean Endorses Napoleon

Madeleine Dean

On Thursday May 28, Congresswoman Madeleine Dean endorsed Napoleon Nelson for State Representative in the Pennsylvania 154th District serving Cheltenham, Jenkintown and Springfield. Congresswoman Dean’s campaign released the following statement in support of Napoleon’s candidacy on social media,

Napoleon Nelson is the dedicated civic leader needed to serve the people of Cheltenham, Jenkintown, and Springfield. Napoleon’s professional experiences and passion have prepared him to advocate for the 154th district and he will be an asset in Harrisburg for all.

Following months of campaigning in the midst of a global pandemic that has had a significant impact on residents of the 154th District, Napoleon responded,

“It is my honor and privilege to have the support of Congresswoman Madeleine Dean. Thank you for your inspired leadership and dedication. I know how much this district means to you and your family. Your guidance has been invaluable and I thank you for your trust in me.”

Napoleon is a 17-year resident of Cheltenham. He grew up in Mt. Airy, graduated from Central High School (257th class), holds a Bachelor of Science from MIT and an MBA from The Wharton School. After moving to the 154th district with his wife and high school sweetheart Shareese, he began his activism with the local Democratic party. He became a Committeeperson for the Cheltenham Democratic Committee in 2007, was honored as Committeeperson of the Year and serves as 2nd Vice Chair.  In 2011, he was elected to the Cheltenham School Board, chairing the Finance, Personnel committees, and served as Board president. In 2017 he was elected Cheltenham’s Finance Officer. He currently serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Montgomery County Community College.

Napoleon and his wife have two children who attend Cheltenham Public Schools. They are members of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church and are active supporters of Cheltenham’s youth sports programs.

In a crowded primary race, Napoleon stands alone in the depth of his platform and commitment to constituent services. COVID-19 changed the race for candidates across Pennsylvania. In the 154th District, Napoleon pivoted in the first days of the shutdown to help residents fulfill basic needs. He re-directed his campaign staff to compile lists of food pantries, reach out to charities, coordinate with struggling businesses and emerging community organizers to address the needs that emerged during the crisis. Phone banking efforts were focused on identifying needs and solving problems faced by ordinary residents. Three months later, he has held weekly business round tables, talked with environmental, disability, food security, senior care and issue advocates to address the rise in Hate Crimes, the environment, the real estate sector, Asian American residents, disability rights, senior housing and food security issues. The campaign’s social media channels prioritize content to assist residents during the emergency response. For more information visit the campaign website and Facebook page.


Super Secret Project for Kids

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Citizen Endorsements

I'm honored to have the support of my friends and neighbors. I'd like to opportunity to work for you in Harrisburg. Thank you for sharing the reasons by you back my candidacy for State Representative.


Craig Browne Cheltenham

"Napoleon Nelson, citizen extraordinaire! Past Chelt. School Bd. President and current Finance Director, Montgomery County Community College Board of Trustees, friend, dynamic father and wonderful husband! Wow, how great is this and more. Yes, he will be our next State Rep for the 154th!"

Neil DiFranco Springfield School Boardneil

Napoleon will fight for rigorous, equitable and fully funded public schools, environmental protections to make Pennsylvania a place to buy a home and build a business and healthcare for all Pennsylvanians. I’ve worked first hand with him during the COVID-19 crisis where he is engaging charities, non-profits, business leaders, and government officials finding solutions and asking the right questions. As a Real Estate professional observing the shortcomings of the government response, I know we need seasoned leadership to bring us through this crisis and to navigate the challenges we will face next January. I strongly endorse Napoleon for State Rep.”

Dr. & Mrs. Hockstein Elkins Park hockstein

“Napoleon will fight for the civil rights of all Pennsylvanians no matter their race, religion, country of origin, or how they identify. The right to vote, to have fairly drawn districts, to unionize and to be protected by Hate Crime laws is essential to maintaining our democracy. As a veteran, a doctor, a school volunteer and as people of faith, we must count on our leaders to prioritize these issues. When our houses of worship are threatened and hatred is supported from the White House, we need experienced leadership in Harrisburg. We have known Napoleon for years. He will work for the good of our community. We wholeheartedly endorse him as our next State Representative.”

Jeff Harbison Springfield Township CommissionerJeff

“Napoleon Nelson is my choice for State Representative. He has a long history of exemplary service to Cheltenham on School Board, as Finance Officer, and as a Democratic party leader. Good government requires both breadth and depth of experience as well as the compasion to connect with residents. Napoleon has that combination of experience and compassion. His recent response to the COVID crisis is one of action, comprehensive understanding, and problem solving. He is demonstrating right now, how he will lead in Springfield and lead in Harrisburg.”

Irv Brockington Cheltenham Township Commissioner Irv

“I would like to announce my endorsement for Napoleon Nelson as our next Pennsylvania State Representative in the 154th District. Napoleon brings something that’s important to me and that’s integrity. It’s the one reason why I already mailed in my ballot voting for him.”

EddieEddie T. Graham Vice President Springfield Township Board of Commissioners

“I support Napoleon. He is committed to reforming Juvenile Criminal Justice throughout Montgomery County and will address the Opioid Epidemic with comprehensive multi-agency multi-disciplinary solutions.”

Natasha Taylor-Smith Elkins ParkNatasha

"The 154 deserves a leader who is in the community and fighting for what's important to all of us, not just passion projects but issues that effect your neighbors, their children, and you. Vote for Napoleon Jason Nelson for state rep. He is working in the community, keeping us informed, and cares about our environment. I stand with Napoleon for State Rep. So should you.”

Bonny Davis Springfield Township Treasurerbonny

“I am proud to endorse Napoleon Nelson for State Rep. I have known and worked with him for many years. We reviewed legislation, suggested amendments to the Property Tax Rebate, and proposed initiatives to help taxpayers. Making sure we have 21st Century Schools and tax reform are only part of what he will fight for in Harrisburg. He will help small businesses, tackle healthcare issues, support a living wage, protect women's rights, civil rights, and LGBTQ equality, and he will also fight to strengthen hate crime laws. Napoleon cares about our environment, criminal justice reform, common sense gun legislation, infrastructure, and you!”

David Cohen Cheltenham School BoardDavid

"Proud to be supporting Napoleon. He is an experienced leader who has been active in supporting the community during the COVID-19 pandemic and who has well thought out policies on multiple critical issues impacting our district and Commonwealth. This is not the time for a single issue or inexperienced candidate to be elected to represent us in Harrisburg and in our community."

Mr. & Mrs. Johnson SpringfieldJohnsons

“I served my country, worked hard all my life, and fought for civil rights. Now that my wife and I are in our 90’s, we have been struggling with the quality of our senior housing. We met Napoleon and he personally fought for us. I know he will protect seniors from substandard providers, enable us to age in place without being taxed out of our homes, and protect against elder abuse fraud. He will fight for our healthcare access and protect our great-grandkids. My wife and I are so happy that he is running. Join us in supporting this young man."

Kendall Nelson Kendall

“Vote for my Dad. He and my mom want the best education for me and my big brother. He wants to protect the environment, keep us safe at school, and give kids a future where we can grow up to be anything we want. He cares for our neighbors - young and old. I have grown up seeing first hand how he wants to make the world a better place.”

Noah Elkins ParkNoah

"I support Napoleon because of his stance on Public Education, in particular his goal to include financial literacy in the public school curriculum. He believes kids should have a voice in shaping their future and involved many students in his campaign."

Dr. Ron Attarian SpringfieldRon

"When I first met Napoleon I was impressed. The more I talked with him, his background and plans to support people caused me to support him even more. I've never missed an election but this is the first time I've ever taken a public stand on any candidate. I even have two signs in my yard - people stop and talk to me every day because of those signs and I have a chance to tell them why Napoleon is the best candidate."

Richard Buttacavoli Co-Founder Montgomery County LGBTQ Business CouncilRicky

"I support Napoleon for the depth of his platform and support for LGBTQ equality. His bold stance on strengthening Hate Crime Legislation at a time when our LGBTQ brothers and sisters are targeted is essential."

Thomas Frey St. Miriam's Homeless Outreach ProgramThomas

"Thank you so much for your help , we contacted you in the early stages and you didn't even blink before stepped in to help."

Deb Bernstein & Arielle Toub WyncoteArielle

"I'm voting for Napoleon because I trust him to advocate for me in Harrisburg and work to change things for the better in PA."

"I have been with Team Napoleon from the start and believe strongly that he is the best person for the position. When COVID-19 hit he didn't miss a beat and shifted to figure out the best way to stay connected, help people and support businesses during this challenging time. I have known and worked with Napoleon for years now starting with his candidacy for Cheltenham School Board. He is someone that is a true public servant with a heart of gold and a desire to improve the world and our community."

Daphne Oliver

Daphne"I will cast my vote for Napoleon Nelson. I met Napoleon 17 years ago. Napoleon demonstrated a commitment to - Equitable Tax Reform, Public Education for all our students, and Support for Small Businesses. What sets him apart are the years of experience, the depth of his platform, the outreach to sectors of our community that have been left behind by other candidates. Look at the depth of his messaging, the actions he is taking during the COVID-19 crisis. This is not the time to vote based on a favorite issue area or the endorsement of one leader or organization."

Stan & Joyce DraytonDraytons
"The Draytons support Napoleon Nelson for State Representative and thank him for his service assisting us navigate through the SBA system to obtain a PPP loan for our non profit Music school. Napoleon is action oriented and will continue to serve constituents addressing issues that impact our lives, our community. Our mantra is:
Vote Napoleon Nelson for State Rep
154 challenges will be met."

Napoleon Nelson Sr & Patrice NelsonNapoleon SrPatrice

“Our son Napoleon grew up to be a devoted husband, father and public servant. He’s running for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s 154th District and we are asking for your vote.”