MIT & Harvard File Suit Against DHS & ICE

Educational Institutions must be protected from Donald Trump's Immigration agenda

As coronavirus continues to impact our families, communities, and education systems, Donald Trump's henchmen have decided to take this opportunity to pick another immigration fight! States and Universities are fighting back, and so will we! 

Will you add your name to our petition and send a message that our educational institutions must NOT let divisive political stunts stop us from investing in the next generation of climate scientists, activists, innovators, and tradespersons?

Who's signing

Anne Martin-Montgomery
Marian Cicalese
Margaret Plotkin
Robert Goldberg
Daphne Oliver
Beth Warms
Jarrett Cloud
Virginia Schein
Virginia Goldberg
Ellen Rogovin Hart
Mia Blitstein
Linda Zager
Richard Buttacavoli
Calvin Werts
Leon Kowalski
Elisa Davidson
Patrice Nelson
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