Cheltenham Police are advancing community policing. Join us in standing with them.

IN EVERY CORNER and community of this nation, we are dismantling a legacy that has sown seeds of oppression, devalued black life, and tolerated bigotry and hatred. Here in our district we have rallied to affirm our values, common beliefs and are re-imagining our institutions, codifying those values into our policies and practices.  

On Monday, the Cheltenham Police Department announced they are joining the Abington Police HUB, an innovative evidence based model that seeks to save lives, improve emergency response, and help our police departments deliver effective community policing.

We recognize the Cheltenham Police Department for:

  • Seeking public input through a community survey
  • Proactive leadership in implementing the innovative HUB model
  • Tireless work on the frontlines during the pandemic response
  • Kneeling with us during the Black Lives Matter rallies 
  • Standing in solidarity and calling out excessive and harmful police practices highlighted in the media

Although this work is not yet complete, we hereby recognize and appreciate your dedication to our community.

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