A Community Challenge, A New Campaign

A Community Challenge, A New Campaign

Friends and Neighbors:

While it has been an overwhelming two weeks for many, I want to take a breath and share some inspirational successes with you. Last week, I directed my campaign staff to reach out and find ways to help our community members. As of today, we have made hundreds of calls to members of our community to ask how they are doing, find out if they have questions, need help or want to reach out and help others. 


This week I held our second weekly Business Roundtable and contacted every food pantry serving the 154th District, Meals on Wheels and the homeless outreach program at St. Miriams. We published an up-to-date list of food pantries serving those who need food assistance. In addition, we published a list of pantries that need donations and how to contact each of them. This information is hosted on the Neighbors Helping Neighbors in the 154th Facebook group. I invite all of you to join, post needs, suggest solutions, and to share posts with your networks. We must work together to build the community solutions that government has not or cannot build. 

Business RoundtableThe Business Roundtable is held at 10:15am every Tuesday and is open to local business owners. Please help spread the word with small businesses in Cheltenham, Springfield and Jenkintown. I want to encourage everyone to #ShopLocal and support our small business owners. We are working to sustain business during the crisis and provide help to the needy in our communities. With your help we can make a difference.

Over the weekend I received an urgent request from the homeless outreach program at St. Miriam Parish on Bethlehem Pike. In a typical week, this outreach ministry provides non-perishable food and supplies to over 150 homeless men and women throughout the region. Thomas, the coordinator, told me the supply of food for the homeless in our region is dangerously low. Donations to shelters have dropped precipitously, shelters can no longer serve as many as they could a two weeks ago and St. Miriam’s deliveries to the most vulnerable have been overwhelmed by the growth in the hungry and desperate.  In response to this emergency need, we partnered with Anne’s Kitchen Table in Glenside to deliver bagged meals to the homeless yesterday evening. We worked with Enza Pizzaria in Flourtown to facilitate the next fresh-made delivery on Tuesday of this week. 

St. Miriams homeless ministry is just one of the many organizations, businesses, and households throughout this community that need our support. We recently shared a post on Neighbors Helping Neighbors asking for donations of non-perishable single serving food and informing those in need of where and when they can access food pantries serving the 154th. 

Will you help support this effort by joining the weekly Business Roundtable and Neighbors Helping Neighbors? Will you take the time to #ShopLocal and support the restaurants and small businesses in the 154th? They need our support. You have the opportunity to pay it forward and purchase a gift card so these businesses can support those who bear the burden of food insecurity by providing a prepared meal for a food pantry.

I thank you for your continued support and ask you to help the campaign so we can continue to reach members of the community who need help and to encourage them to vote in the upcoming election. With your help we can make certain every voter in our district receives a call to ask how they are doing, if they need help and a friendly person to relieve the stress of social isolation with a caring conversation. 

Will you place a sign in your yard? Will you help with a contribution? Will you commit to vote on June 2nd?

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